Town of Plainfield, Connecticut


The Plainfield Police Department utilizes three (3) full-time dispatchers that normally work Monday – Friday.  Part-time dispatchers are used to fill the weekends and major holidays.  Our dispatchers have multiple duties to include clerical work, answer both emergency and non-emergency calls, and send police officers to a scene.  Dispatchers are often the first point of contact for people in need of help.  Our dispatchers are highly trained to handle all types of calls.  They are truly an officer’s lifeline.

Our Administrative Office Assistant performs a variety of tasks for the Chief of Police, Captain, and Police Department as an entirety.  She has administrative skills and specializes in payroll, billing, and scheduling of all members.  Freedom of Information requests are prepared by her on a daily basis. She works part-time normally Monday-Thursday.

Midnight Shift (11PM-7AM)

Dispatcher Franklin Cargene

Fleet Manager

Paul Chenail

Our Fleet manager is a full-time mechanic that builds our cruisers from the ground up.  All maintenance and upkeep of all the Town of Plainfield owned vehicles (Excludes Highway Department) are maintained by the Fleet Manager.  This also includes our Drone.  

Day Shift (7AM-3PM)

Dispatcher Dawn Kolek

Fleet Manager

Administrative Office Assistant to the Chief of Police & Captain

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Dispatcher Ashley
Dispatcher Jake
Dispatcher Casey
Dispatcher Ashley Reed

Dispatcher Taylor
Dispatcher Corina

Full-Time Dispatchers

Plainfield Police Department
210 Norwich Road, Plainfield, CT  06374
​Phone: (860) 564-0804  Fax: (860) 564-0808  Email:

Administrative Office Assistant

Aimee Genna

Evening Shift (3PM-11PM)


Part-Timer Dispatchers

Currently Filling Position


Part-Time Dispatchers